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ON Ultra Natural Arousal Oil


If you’re looking to kick start your low libido we recommend giving this a try. The perfect blend of botanicals in this sexual enhancer works to increase the connection between your body and mind by stimulating your clit with a tingling sensation. Use a sensual massager with a partner/s or alone to reacquaint yourself with your body and illuminate the skin.

ON Ultra Natural Arousal Oil is completely edible for use during oral play, and is safe to use with all plastic or silicone sex toys. It is not suitable for use with latex condoms, or if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding.


ON Ultra Natural Arousal Oil from Sensuva is a sexual enhancer carefully created to stimulate the clitoris. The oil doesn’t just give a warming or cooling sensation but instead, when applied directly to your clitoris, slowly develops a ‘buzzing’ sensation; just like holding a small vibrator to your most sensitive parts.

The blend of botanicals inside the formula work to increase the connection between your body and mind by stimulating your clit with a tantalising tingle – this is great for teasing and edge play! Add a drop of two to your finger and apply. The oil will gently warm creating a tingly build-up, leading to an incredible buzzing sensation that lasts up to 45 minutes. (Those menstruating, be prepared as you may feel different amounts of sensation due to fluctuation in hormones during your cycle.)

Looking to make things interesting? Try keeping this in your handbag or desk at work, so that it’s on hand to make that tedious train ride or boring board meeting much more interesting! Don’t forget… your partner has hands too 😉

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