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Not sure where to start? Here are some routes in: art works, essays and resources exploring cancer and masculinity, being young, getting older, having the conversation, and starting a business with a “what if…?”

Great Answers

Sex with Cancer Conversation Competency Certification Course

Want to get better at having difficult conversations? Brian Lobel’s playful online performance guides you through the steps you’ll need to gain your Certificate in Sex and Cancer Conversation Competency

Illustration that reads "Artist-led businesses - Different Worlds"

What if...? Artist-led business as a practice of worldbuilding

Can starting a business be considered an art form? Co-founder Joon-Lynn Goh explains how Sex with Cancer came about, and explores the possibilities of artist-led businesses

Unexpired Pleasures - Lehni

Unexpired Pleasures

What is our relationship with sex and pleasure as we confront cancer? Six women share their experiences in this powerful short film by Lehni Lamide Davies and Shona Hamilton

Swinging in the Wind

Inspired by frank conversations with men, visual artist Christopher Samuel uses his signature style to share profound and all-too-often hidden experiences of male cancers

Collage featuring a black and white photo of a young person's face with the text "Things aren't always as they seem"

Candid Cancer Collective

Three young people with experience of cancer – Brontë Palmer, Kimia Etemadi and Cait Wilde – bring you real life experiences through writing and art in their first zine

Conversation Champions

Many healthcare professionals struggle to talk about sex… that’s why we wanted to celebrate those doing the best work. Meet our Sex with Cancer Conversation Champions…

The Sexual Wellness Sessions Podcast

The Sexual Wellness Sessions

Listen to Brian Lobel and Beth McCann on this podcast with psychosexual therapist Kate Moyle discussing why we don’t talk enough about sex and cancer

Resources & further reading

Signposts to a range of organisations and businesses offering information, services and support, plus a list recommended further reading