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Sh! Cherry Love Ball


A fun tool for kegel / pelvic floor strengthening exercises, the Cherry Love Ball also doubles as a sex toy for masturbation, oral sex and BDSM play. The ball is one of a set that helps with incontinence and weakening due to cancer treatments.


I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! We at Sex with Cancer LOVE a versatile toy, and the Cherry Love Ball is no exception. One ball, two amazing functions.

First things first, this is an intermediate love ball weighing in at 57 grams, so if your pelvic floor is weaker go for one of the lighter options available here. (A weak pelvic floor might cause you to leak a bit of pee when you sneeze or cough, for example, or you might find you don’t feel a lot during penetration.)

The Sh! Cherry Love Ball is a fun tool for pelvic floor exercise, but also doubles as a sex toy to use during masturbation, oral sex, or perhaps while on a long walk or when doing the housework! Use this in tandem with our Sex with Cancer water-based lube as it will make insertion far more comfortable.

Gently push the cherry ball inside the vagina but leaving the tail end outside (just like a tampon). Squeeze and release against the ball in repetitions of 10. A set of 3 x 10 reps is a good starting point, ideally repeated every day. Once the 10 repetitions begin to feel easy, hold each squeeze for two seconds before releasing. Over time, you’ll find that you can hold each squeeze for longer, and your pelvic floor becomes stronger and your control better. This in turn can help with the intensity of orgasms.

Covered in smooth, squishy silicone, it’s really easy to keep clean: just spritz with antibacterial toy cleaner, or wash with antibacterial hand wash and hot water. Supplied in a bag. Happy exercising!

The good news is that we can all practice kegels (the contraction of the pelvic floor muscle). So if you are experiencing incontinence as a result of prostate cancer, it is absolutely possible to strengthen and exercise this muscle. The same sets / repetitions of the squeeze-lift-and-release motion apply. Try to imagine stopping yourself from going to the bathroom and squeeze these muscles. Alternatively you can place a fingertip over the entrance of your anus and try to tighten the muscles under your fingertip. These are the pelvic floor muscles.

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