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Sh! Vaginal Dilators (set of 4)


Available to purchase individually or as a set, these body safe silicone dilators come complete with bullet vibrator for added pleasure.

This set has been designed to aid with the symptoms of vaginismus and vaginal stenosis by gently stretching and strengthening the vaginal walls to retain capacity and prevent scar tissue. Dilators can also help make inserting tampons or cervical smear tests and exams less painful. We strongly advise you seek proper diagnosis from a health professional, and follow their instructions for dilating.

These soft silicone dilators have been designed by our wonderful friends at Sh! to aid with the symptoms of vaginismus. Whether brought on by menopause, cancer treatments or endometriosis, the involuntary contraction of the pelvic floor muscles can make penetration painful.

While some dilators can feel and look a little too medical grade for our liking, this pretty lilac set offers both fun and practicality. Firm yet super flexible, the dilator curves to your own unique contours, gently stretching the vaginal walls and preventing scar tissue building.

It also features a removable 10 speed bullet vibrator that is not only USB chargeable but waterproof too. You can chill or warm the silicone as needed to ease discomfort. As your vagina becomes more elastic, you can graduate to a larger dilator in the set (sizes below).

The dilating kit comes in a silk bag for safe and hygienic storage. Make sure you use plenty of lubrication, and if experiencing atrophy (dryness/thinning) we highly recommend the YES VM Vaginal Moisturising Gel.

Need more advice? Sh! has created a wonderful instructional video. 

Dilator 1 – £30 – 2.8 inch (71mm) / 0.53 inch (13mm)
Dilator 2 – £32 – 3.9 inch (99mm) / 0.63 inch (16mm)
Dilator 3 – £34 – 4.75 inch (20mm) / 0.75 inch (19mm)
Dilator 4 – £36 – 5.75 inch (145mm) / 1 inch (25mm)

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